Plus size and pregnant… The silver linings :)

This was meant more for a laugh, I sincerely hope it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings!

I am a big girl. I always have been, probably always will be. I was doing a strict Paleo diet before I got pregnant, and managed to lose a bunch of weight, but alas, I still had a gut…. Always have, probably always will… That being said I wanted to point out the silver lining in being plus size before getting pregnant.

Though I’ve seen other plus size women gain and gain and gain throughout pregnancy, I’ve noticed a lot of us actually lose weight during our first and second trimesters. We are eating better for the sake of our baby, and according to my doctor, a lot of times the baby will actually take extra nutrients from your fat stores. Kinda nifty huh? While my skinny pregnant friends are bloated and gaining like crazy, being bloated is nothing new to me, I’m used to it and honestly, other than my growing belly, I look in better shape than I have in years! I’m sure my prenatal yoga has helped somewhat with that, but I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how much more toned my legs look, and my double chin is pretty much GONE!
It’s also really nice knowing that I have a reason to have a big belly now, and that the reason is something to be happy about, rather than beat myself up over! I’m loving my buddah belly!

I personally have struggled with my weight my entire life… I have fluctuated between sizes so much that I have clothing in a variety of sizes. Not only that, but most of my clothes I bought to accommodate for the fact that I have a gut. Not to mention that I always bought clothes that STRETCH. This has been nice, especially since I had lost some weight pre-pregnancy and already had an arsenal of clothes that were too big for me. At 27 weeks pregnant, I’ve had to buy THREE items for my maternity wardrobe (well didn’t really need to, more like wanted to) Meanwhile, my skinny pregnant friends have shelled out unspeakable amounts of money to maintain a fashionable wardrobe throughout their pregnancy. With all of the expenses that come with having a baby, who wants to spend more on clothes…. Especially when our bodies are changing and our normal shopping routines are no longer sufficient.

Again, I have gone my WHOLE life having to work around having a belly…
While my skinny pregnant friends are complaining about not being able to see to shave their lady bits, I’m over here like “WAIT, that’s actually a THING? Like, you could actually see what you’re doing down there!?” I’ve always had to shave by feel. I may have been able to see the top at one point, but that’s about it… Oh, you also have a hard time shaving your legs??? You mean the struggle I have gone through on a daily basis my whole life to shave my legs isn’t the same struggle everyone has?
Let’s not forget painting your toenails… Fortunately, my husband has always been sweet, and helped me with this one, the big girl struggle is VERY real on this one… I can do it, but damn it can be difficult. Especially now, but again, I’ve grown quite used to it over the years.

Stretch marks:
When I first got pregnant, a friend said something to the effect of “Oh just wait until you start getting stretch marks.” I laughed, and lifted my shirt up ever so slightly. My tummy was already covered in DARK purple stretch marks. Getting stretch marks was never of any concern to me. Though I will admit, that nifty cocoa butter stretch mark lotion has done WONDERS for the stretch marks I alreay had, and has seemed to prevent any new ones.  I really do feel for the girls who didn’t really have any before. They beat themselves up over it so much! Especailly after they lose most of the baby weight and their skin isn’t going back to normal. As if you don’t already have enough to get self-concous about. 😦 I am fortunate to be used to the fact that I have them, and I accepted that I always will a long time ago. I will cry it out with you on this one ladies. You can bust your hump and lose all the weight you want, but stretch marks very seldom go away unfortunately. This is a sad fact that you may as well accept.

Oh skinny/average sized women. My entire life I have tried to achieve such a healthy physique, but at this point, I am thankful and have realized how truely fortunate I am to be plus size and pregnant! I sympathize with the struggle you are having to love your changing, growing body right now, and I can relate to the struggle you will go through after you bring your bouncing bundle of joy into the world… Keep in mind that it is all worth it, and no matter what you think of yourself, no matter what size and shape you are, your little one will always think mama is the most beautiful person in the world! ❤


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