I musn’t lose my voice.

In an moment, I meet my muse.
She’s dancing along, just beyond my grasp.
Then in an instant, she’s gone…

Pregnant brain is no joke… One minute, my mind is full of ideas. Maybe not the most interesting or brilliant, but ideas all the same. Ideas that have no issue flowing through my fingertips, leaving me enough space to just run with it.
Then the pregnant brain hits… It’s a lot like I imagine a stroke. I’ve seen videos of people having one, and they can’t use their words, they can’t articulate their message. Their brain knows what it wants to say, but lips do not cooperate. The fear sets in, the fear of losing what I hold so dear, my voice… My ability to get my message across. It’s there, and then it isn’t.
Does my message really mean that much if I can’t even remember how I was going to get it across? I’d like to think it means the world, but in these instances I just can’t be sure…

I do not feel as though it is lack of inspiration. Maybe that’s a small part of it. I’m not sure what I feel about it, and that in itself is something new to me. Something to reflect on I guess.


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