Freedom and Religion.

[Full disclosure: This was brought on by people in my life who will not leave certain things alone. I in no way think every person of faith is this way and have a lot of people I love in my life who are of different religions and that I love and respect more than anything.]

One of the many awesome things about free will is that we are all not only entitled to, but capable of having our own belief system. You have the right to believe the guy on his pedestal about his miracle man, and I have the right to believe he’s full of shit… When you talk about your God, I don’t sit there and pick apart every bit of your beliefs that I don’t see the logic in, or that I find to be far fetched. I don’t push my beliefs on you, if you ask why I feel the way I feel and think the way I think, I will tell you, otherwise, it’s not my place to do so… So I don’t understand why you feel the need to push your thoughts and beliefs on me…

I do not appreciate when people start preaching to me, and try to condemn me for my beliefs. I do not appreciate you telling me about “Christ’s love” and how he will “save my soul,” I didn’t ask for your opinion, I didn’t ask you to “fear for my soul,” and I sure as shit didn’t ask you force your beliefs down my throat. I’m sick of choking on your bullshit. Understand?

If you know my beliefs, have the courtesy to respect them, even if you don’t believe in them. I show you that respect, is it really that hard to do the same for me? I don’t mind bowing my head respectfully whilst you pray over a meal you have graciously prepared, I don’t mind the scripture and religious pictures you have in your home. I do mind, however, when you start dragging my child into the midst of a religious debate. If you cannot refrain from keeping your mouth shut, at least keep MY son out of it. My husband and I both feel that our son’s faith is not our decision to make. If he gets older and wants to check out church and see what it’s all about, cool, he’s free to. I’ll be damned if someone forces it on him though. I honestly don’t care if you think that I’m “Damning his soul” by not baptizing him. Again, I don’t feel like that’s a decision anyone should make for him but himself. I don’t criticize your parenting, or try to make you feel bad about it. My son isn’t even born yet for fuck’s sake!

The fact that our minds work differently on the subject is something I feel you take for granted… People have killed and died to be able to openly have their own beliefs, we should be accepting of other people rather than condemn each other for it. IF you feel the need to go on a crusade, take that shit back in time where it belongs. I don’t see a place for it here, in today’s world. You yourself commit these “mortal sins” though your faith tells you that you are damning yourself to hell in doing so, I have witnessed this personally… Remind me again, what gives you the right to judge ANYBODY? What gives you the right to tell me what is and isn’t good for me, or for my son for that matter? Rather than point fingers and name call, and debate until we are blue in the face, can we just put this issue aside? I am accepting of your points of view, can’t you be accepting of mine?



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